What are you looking for in a home?

Must it be a bungalow, a condominium, an apartment or a penthouse? The actual area and size will depend on the size of your family as well as your own personal requirements. Think long term. Maybe you and your spouse require just a one-bedroom apartment at this point in time but plan to have two children later. In that case, a two-bedroom or even a three-bedroom is a better option.

Why do you need a house?

Are you purchasing it to reside in it? Or do you view property as an investment and you are looking at capital appreciation. If you are buying to reside in it, you may consider a 3-bedroom apartment. But, if you are planning to rent it out, even if you can afford a 3-bedroom apartment, you may want to settle for a 2-bedroom because the chances of giving it out would be easier. Also, if you are looking at capital appreciation, you should consider making the purchase in the suburbs, where the price appreciation will be higher than in the case of prime property.


  • Which city/state?

  • Will you retire in the city you buy your house?

  • do you want to buy land instead and construct your own home? If you are purshasing a home in a rural set up or in an area where you are not currently residing, you may have to give a Power of Attorney to someone you trust to handle all the property. matters.

  • Check for proper approach roads

  • Ensure secured electricity and water connections.

  • Ensure that well laid out drainage, sewerage and garbage disposal arrangements have been made.

  • Is there any pollution due to industries etc in the area?

  • Level of developmental activities of the area - adequate public transport facilities and other vital amenities like educational institutions, hospitals and shopping avenues

  • What is the distance from your home to the market? Are you comfortable with it?

  • Are you children's schools nearby?

  • What about a hospital or nursing home?

  • What is the distance from the main road? Would you prefer it as far away from the main road as possible. Is public transport easily available?

  • Is there a club nearby?

  • Is there a bank branch in the vicinity or at least an ATM ? Are you happy with the greenery? How far away is it from your workplace?


  • Check if your builder/promoter has been granted documented approvals from Municipal Corporation, Area Development Authorities, Electricity Boards, Water supply & Sewerage Boards, Airport Area Authorities

  • Check if the builder/promoter has secured approvals from Pollution Control Boards, Agriculture & Forest Authorities


  • Check for proper Development Agreements and the authority for conveyance of title in favour of builder/promoter.

  • Obtain a clear and marketable title of the property.

  • Ensure execution of proper sale agreements on your initial payments.

  • See the sanctioned plan.

  • Register the property.

  • Verify the plinth and carpet area of the property


  • Verify the specifications given by the builder regarding including quality of construction and availability of drinking and potable water have been delivered

  • Assess the natural lighting, ventilation, water connection & sanitary connection status of your prospective property.

  • Check up common service area charged and their reasonability

Other factors

If it is an apartment, you will have to check out the building too.

  • Is parking available? Is it open or closed?

  • Is there any security provided by the society? Is security provided round the clock?

  • Is the builing well maintained? Is the monthly maintenance affordable?

  • Are you on the lookout for a housing complex that also has a pool and a gymnasium?

  • Is water supply proper and available for all 24 hours in a day?

  • Are there many power cuts in the neighbourhood?

Is it a resale?

  • Are you happy with the size of the rooms?

  • Would your furniture fit into this house?

  • Does this home receive adequate sunlight?

  • Would you prefer your entrance facing a particular direction?

  • Are you happy with the flooring, wiring and the tiling?

  • Is the paint peeling? Has the plaster cracked?

  • Are you happy with the plumbing?

  • Is there any evidence of termites?

  • Does it have adequate number of bathrooms and toilets?

  • If you had to do work in the house, get an estimate of how much that is going to cost you.

  • Is it Vaastu compliant?

  • Documents

    • Title deeds of the vendor of the property.

    • Previous title deeds covering a period of 13 years.

    • Sanctioned plan.

    • Encumbrance certificate for the past 13 years.

    • Upto-date tax paid receipts.

    • Valuation of the property from a registered valuer.

    • Check if the flat/apartment is free from tenancy.